POWERPLANT Consultants, Inc. offers a variety of Expert services for the Industrial Power Generation Customer. Please explore our website for more information; if you should have additional questions, please contact us.

Professional/Engineering Consulting Services

Expert Witness Work

  • Engineering and Economic analysis and computer spreadsheet modeling for feasibility analysis of new projects, comparison/evaluation of optional operating strategies/modes and optimization of cycles. Special emphasis on cost modeling for cost analysis of various onsite generation and Utility energy purchase options, including time of use aspects, for use in "Make-Buy" type decisions and for assessment of such matters as Utility Deregulation impacts.
  • Environmental Permitting services for power generation projects. Special expertise for SCAQMD "RECLAIM" permits involving power generation applications. Manager and Agent for the Bank of America for the sale of $1 million of Reclaim Trading credits.
  • Professional Engineering and Specialized Technical Consulting for wide variety of energy use and generation related subjects. Work includes review of R&D programs and products from an applications and energy use perspective. Investigations of system and component mechanical and performance failures or discrepancies.
  • Expert Witness and similar dispute resolution related engineering and project economic analysis. Clients in this work have included Bank of America, National Mutual (Australia), Kennetech, and others.

Removal of intermediate shaft, gears and bearings as part of repairs to 6,000 HP marine reduction gear. Supervised by GESCO.